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Gimmel rings are rings from antiquity that feature several links or loops that fit together to form one ring.  Handmade in 14K.This handmade, triplet fede gimmel ring has been hand carved and inspired by these promise rings of the 1600's, and features two clasped hands that have beautifully detailed cuffs, which open to reveal a hidden secret heart.It can be worn as a wedding band, an engagement ring, or a symbol or your love or friendship for another.  Fede or Gimmel rings have been used for centuries, as a way to honor the love and friendship between two people.A tradition of antiquity was that the person who introduces the couple has the honor of wearing the ring for several months leading up to the wedding ceremony. During the wedding ceremony the person who introduced the couple, comes forward, with the gimmel ring that they have been wearing; and thinking on the continued success and future love of the couple and presents it to the bride, or groom.

14K Yellow Gold Gimmel Ring. Protective Hands Ring

  • Sterling Silver is available for this piece, as well as other gold karats and colors.  10K, 18K is also an option, as well as Rose Gold, or White Gold.

    Please inquire with any questions that you may have. This price is for sizes: 5- 7.5US.  If you require a different size, please be in touch.

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